Exclusive Photo and Visual Art is a very professional team.

Their outstanding quality of work, work ethic, and great personalities makes us returning clients. They did such a beautiful job on the photography of our band, I don't think we could have found a better match for the group. A fantastic job also on my business card.

Intelligent, insightful and artistic!


Sean Mallett of XRPM 

I have worked with Exclusive Photo and Visual Art  on several creative projects. They are an amazing team and easy to work with. Their graphic design skills are cutting edge and their design layouts are awesome !

Nina Barretta

Marketing Consultant


How can someone have so much talent !  Your guys are amazing.

Jennifer R. Klein

On the occasions I've come to work with Exclusive Photo and Visual Art, I've found he is extremely knowledgeable and talented in his field of photography and audiovisual media. Exclusive Photo and Visual Art knows what he's talking about and very gifted at what he does ! Some people just have an eye for the way things visually work together, and Chris has that. He has a creative eye with the technical ability to pull it off. A client can be comfortable knowing he will have an inspired solution to a project with the technical knowledge to make it come to life in a powerful, creative and innovative manner.  Great ideas. Great execution.

By Claire Design Inc.

For anyone whose business could benefit from a state-of-the-art website with cutting edge graphics, I recommend that you check out one of the most outstanding designers in the Bay area. Exclusive Photo and Visual Art not just proficient in all aspects of design who's an innovator who's never satisfied until they provides their clients with the best possible web presence for their business and company image.

Give them a call. I guarantee they'll exceed your expectations!

Donald Farmer Director

Exclusive Photo and Visual Art `s work  are truly amazing.  With their insightful and innovative ideas they work magic that captures and puts in print the heart of my Business services.



Ruth Wise

My husband and I planned our wedding in 4 quick months! It was important that all our friends and family share in this special day with us, but without much notice we had to get the message out right away. This is where Exclusive Photo and Visual Art and their expertise came in. With our engagement pictures, she created a "Save the Date" card and we sent them in the mail right away. Not only did this secure the date, but we also received wonderful comments on the card itself! The work was very professional and incorporated all the colors of my wedding. I highly recommend Exclusive Photo and Visual Art `s work and would use her again and again and of course refer anyone to them.

Charlotte Patnode 

Exclusive Photo and Visual Art are accomplished, professionals, and creative graphic designers, whom will do whatever it takes to produce the desired result, and they will do it with a joyful attitude.  Besides the initial concept, they will no doubt offer other creative ideas that you and I might never have thought of, I can recommend them with confidence.

Elizabeth Michaud

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